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Hello Quilty Friends!

We’re happy to announce that new in Serendipity Woods:

We now offer

Edge to Edge Long Arm Quilt Services!

(you can scroll to the bottom for a contact form if you want to get your project  ball rolling)

Pantograph vs. Custom Quilting:

By definition, pantograph (edge-to-edge) quilting consists of a chosen, all-over design that repeats across the span of a quilt. In contrast – a custom design involves multiple designs for blocks, sashing, borders, etc and is generally a much more costly venture for quilt finishing. While everyone loves a good custom design, edge to edge quilting is becoming increasingly popular within the modern quilting world as a creative, affordable option for letting your all-over pieced quilt work shine.

The Basic Skinny on our Services:

Simply put, the decision to have your quilt professionally finished can be downright complicated from the perspective of so many choices, so many add ons, and so many different prices. We’ve worked hard to simplify all of that.

Three Tier Design Pricing:

The pantographs we offer fall into three categories: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. In short, the denser/more intricate the design, the higher the price per square inch.

**OF NOTE: As you scroll through our lists of available pantographs within each category, please be aware that this is a growing list. If there is a pantograph that interests you that you don’t see, just ask! We’ll find it, and can give you an accurate quote for where it will fall within our price points. This isn’t rocket science, folks. We have sources far and wide for designs of all kinds.  It’s just a matter of continuing to build our collection to fit the needs and preferences of our customers.**

Tier 1 ($ .015/sq. in.):


Mod Dots Panto, Tier 1

Patterns in this collection tend to be simpler in design and spacing that can range from 1-2 inches between thread lines but can vary to some smaller spacing. When laundered, quilts with Tier 1 designs tend to be a bit more crinkly and cushy than those quilted with tighter design patterns.  The center circle in the example design at left spans approximately 1 3/4″.

Our selection of Tier 1 designs can be found here.





 Tier 2 ($ .02/sq. in.):


Modern Squares

Modern Squares Panto, Tier 2

Patterns in our Tier 2 collection are a bit more intricate in nature than our Tier 1 designs, but retain an ample crinkly/cushy factor when laundered. They’re our most popular style  due to their versatile way of incorporating varieties of circular and geometric patterns. The spacing between shapes in the design at right range from 3/4″ to 1.25″ approximately.

Our Tier 2 design options can be found here.





Tier 3 ($ .025/sq. in.):

Hang Up

Hang Up Panto, Tier 3


Tier 3 designs are the highest density designs we offer. They’re especially great for quilts intended as wall hangings, and tend take on more of a bedspread look, rather than a quilt/comforter style as they’re tighter weave provides a flatter style quilt when finished. Regardless of denser stitching, your quilt will still be soft, cushy and (what we call) ‘scrumply’ after laundering.

Tier 3 Design Options can be found here.



Batting is included/provided – we use Hobbs 80/20

Hobbs Heirloom Image


 While not included in our pricing, you may choose to either send your own backing (must be a total of 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quilt top [4 inches beyond each edge of your top] and pieced backs must arrive to us sewn together) or purchase from wide-back options we stock:

Wide Muslin available in 108″ or 120″

Natural or White @$9.20/yd

Moda Bella 108″ Wide

Natural, White, Red, Navy, Gray or Black @ $12.95/yd

Kaufman Kona 108″ Wide

Ash, Black, Coal, Corn Yellow, Navy, Snow, Parchment, Turquoise @$15.95/yd

Additional Costs:

• Actual shipping to us. We recommend shipping USPS Priority Mail if possible because it’s usually the most cost effective and includes $50 insurance.  Often a Priority Flat Rate Envelope is large enough depending on amount you are shipping. A Medium or Large Priority box are other options which offer the same $50 insurance support.

• USPS Priority Shipping  is our method for returning your finished quilt to you.  Fees vary based on the size of the packaging needed to ship your quilt comfortably. At present, cost ranges between $12.95 and $19.50. Amount is determined when your quilt is complete and we reach out with a final bill.

We use Omni thread by Superior


Poly-Wrapped Poly Core, designed specifically for long arm quilt machines. Whatever thread color you like – you choose. Contrasting? You tell us what color. Matching? Just tell us which fabric in your quilt you’d like us to coordinate with.  We’ll match it from amongst 172 colors.

The Process and Payment Options:

Ready to send us your project for finishing? Please print the following form to send along with your quilt:


Once we receive your quilt, you’ll hear from us that it’s in our hands. If you’ve got questions or we do, we’ll volley via text or email (your choice) to get your plan for your quilt narrowed down to exact specifics. When we start, you’ll know it. When we’ve finished – you’ll hear from us too.


Once your quilt is complete, we’ll be in touch with a PayPal Invoice or an email one (if you’d like to pay by check). As indicated above, your invoice will include shipping of your quilt to the address you’ve provided, with standard $50 insurance.

Still have questions? Ping us below:



Other than all that – we THANK YOU for your support as we’ve worked to create a simple, straightforward way to finish your quilts without a a lot of fuss and bother. We look forward to working with you to finish


Circle Meander design (indeed on of our favorites!)













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